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  • Certificate and documents
  • Certificate and documents

    We provide all the necessary certificates and documents for your business, such as antimicrobial test reports, safety tests, and ingredient analysis data.

  • Process consulting
  • Process consulting

    Our skillful and professional staff gives the best solution of applying. From the space treatment to the manufacturing process.

  • Competitive price
  • Competitive price

    We supply the valuable product at a competitive price so that the partner can get enough profit.

  • Customization
  • Customization

    We can provide a custom product that is based on NanoEL AB. The coating effect tester and cleaner are also available!

KhaiEL Global Network

NanoEL AB is the antimicrobial coating brand of KhaiEL GmbH.
We supply NanoEL AB to the global market through the KhaiEL business network.

KhaiEL Global Network
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